Putting Together Swingsets for a Living – An Interview with a Handyman

Dave is a handyman.  At least that’s the best category that Porch.com could fit him in.  He does a bunch of different things, including assembling treadmills, basketball hoops, sheds, patio furniture, ikea furniture, you name it.  Basically if it needs to be assembled or installed, he does it.  Lately he has been taking up the Swing Set Installation, backyard playsets for kids and toddlers.  We know all about swingsets here at cofundit, so we wanted to reach out to him for a little glimpse into the world of swingset installation.

Q. So what’s it like being an “installation professional” as it says on your site?

A. It’s pretty much what you would expect.  I take care of peoples problems for them, as long as those problems involve big things that need to be put together.  Sometimes it’s tiring, but often times it’s not so bad.  You actually help people a lot, more than you would think.

Q. Is SwingSet Installation in high demand?

A. Actually, yes.  When I started out I was working with a friend of mine, he brought me into his operation as a worker.  I thought “Playsets? You have a business installing those things?”.  Apparently yes, it is a decently sizeable business, especially in New Jersey, which has a lot of backyard space and lots of families with little kids.

Q. Do you work directly for the customers? How do they find you?

A. Most of our business comes from retailers.  We work with ToysRUs and other big stores that sell the sets themselves, and we come in to deliver and assemble it.  However we also get a decent amount of business from people who simply bought the swing set but need to install it and either don’t know how or don’t want to.  That’s when we really get to help people.  I think I’ve personally saved at least a few marriages.

Q. What do you mean, saved marriages?

A. People start to assemble the thing thinking it won’t be a big deal, only to find out that they can’t do it on their own.  The husband is usually the one trying, pridefully, to put it together, and he just can’t.  The arguments ensue, and eventually they call me.  I come in to save the day.  It’s a good feeling, actually.

Q. Wow, that’s wild.  Does that happen often?

A. All the time man, all the time.

Q. So tell me, does it ever get tiring?

A. Hell yes.  It’s hard work, just like any handyman activity, but it pays off.  I’ve taken on a few more employees so I don’t have to do all the heavy lifting.  I still have to get my hands dirty to keep up with the work, but that’s a good problem to have.

Q. Do you think this will keep up?

A. I think so.  I mean, people keep having kids and what not, so they are going to buy swing sets, and then people are going to have to put them together.  If it’s not playsets, it could be treadmills.  People love treadmills.

Q.  Thanks Dave.

A. Thanks Man.

Dave is the owner of SwingSetInstallationNJ.com, a Swing Set Installation Service serving all of New Jersey and parts of New York.


Animal Planet Playsets And Toys

You can right click and save this picture or visit Karens Whimsy: Farm animal coloring page. Each time they are offered over he asks because of it and will sit and play with it for a serious long time. Many times, lofts and sun decks are added too. When using cement mixtures make sure to follow along with the correct ratio for adding water. You can right click and save this picture or visit Karens Whimsy: Farm animal coloring page to print this picture.

The right tools to construct the playhouse plus it is within your abilities. It not only keeps them entertained for hours, but it also can be a good source of exercise. It not only keeps them entertained for hours, but additionally, it is really a good source of exercise. The small playsets all join together and interact with the other person which means that your child can a chain reaction of events in the order of their choosing. This company is recognized for producing high quality children’s products.

Just similar to most wooden playsets the metal ones are pre-drilled and the steel is ready for installation. Unlike many toys that are depending on TV shows, the classic play kitchen set will not venture out of style or fashion. You even get a 37 pieces accessory set that includes dishes and a basket.

The Animal Planet T  handheld remote control Dinosaur stands 12 inches tall and it is 21 inches long. It retails just under $20 and is meant for use with your childrens stuffed animals. Partly because the kids have enjoyed the nativity, partly because I love those little people and mostly because I first viewed it as a wonderful method to expose my youngest child to a brand new cultural idea. One of the finest brands on the market is Kettler, the corporation manufactures their metal playsets in Germany as well as the quality far surpasses every other brand. Animals have always held a magical attraction to children and farm animals possess a special charm all of their own.

There will also be a selection of fire truck toys from Bruder Man, Tonka also as some that kids can even ride-on. There may also be a array of fire truck toys from Bruder Man, Tonka as well as some that kids can even ride-on. This may also help develop their curiosity about exercising without allowing you to definitely force them for doing so. Use appropriate anchors to secure your playset towards the ground.

Children at Play in The Empire State

New York, especially upstate New York, is a gorgeous place to be in the fall.  Granted they have about 6 months of Winter but when the season is right it is absolutely gorgeous.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else when the leaves change.  Just a beautiful site.

So how can we take advantage of the good weather?  Well, it’s about as easy as picking up the kids at school and taking them to the nearest park or playground.  However whats even better?  Having a playground in your very own backyard. It’s the stuff of little kiddies dreams.

So this past spring I went out and picked up a backyard playset for my son Eric and daughter Amanda (4 and 6, respectively).  They love it, and since it brought so much joy to my house, I decided to make a blogpost about it :)

Firstly, the initial step is to get yourself the right yard or clear out a space for it.  Unfortunately the best playsets are pretty big so I would have to recommend having at least a 50×50 yard before considering (although you could go as low as 30X30).  It pays to have some nice grassy space, no concrete or anything like that (you don’t want your kids falling on hard ground if they happen to stumble).

The next thing you need to track down in a good company that does swing set installation in new york, I know a good one at Tri-State and they treated me well (I even gave them a Testimonial and a Yelp review).  A good company will always clean up after themselves and make the swingset look beautiful in your yard.  I took some pictures so you can see below how nice it all looks (I was so pleasantly surprised):

As you can see my yard is a lot bigger than your average, upstate New York has its perks sometimes :)  But even if you have a smaller yard it can fit right in, just make sure you have some grass and some room to maneuver in, and your golden!

So if you’re looking into making your house and yard come alive this spring, consider a playground.  They aren’t all that expensive either, and even with installation it came to less than a thousand bucks.  This should last years to come and be a source of great fun for the kids (and a little relaxation for the adults too!).